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Understanding Challenges &
Creating Solutions

SalesLynk is an exciting cyber security sales platform founded in the UK. CEO and Co-Founder Ian Todd, has spent the last decade working in a range of cyber security roles globally.

This Is How We Started


We were founded


Developed our product


User testing completed


Official launch of SalesLynk


SalesLynk has been designed to tackle a range of sales challenges we see day to day across the cyber security industry, which can in some respects be linked back to a well-known sales challenge defined as the Seller Deficit Disorder. Through extensive primary research, three key sales challenges present themselves across the cyber security industry:

  • The industry has become incredibly saturated with thousands of vendors creating a difficult selling environment

  • There is a skills shortfall - often there are experienced salespeople with no cyber security background or skilled technical practitioners with no sales background

  • People are juggling multiple responsibilities and struggle to make time for the research they need to be ahead of the competition 

SalesLynk is designed for B2B professionals to access insights, data and information, provided through a range of public and proprietary databases, almost instantly. In doing so, SalesLynk arms users with an accurate and deep understanding of the person they are meeting, their organisation, geographical cultural expectations, and industry insights in one intuitive platform.


SalesLynk provides a solution to the seller deficit disorder, presents a measurable ROI through saving organisations weeks of manual effort, improves sales conversion rates and facilitates better relationships.

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Founder & The Board

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Ian Todd

CEO & Founder

Gary Hunter Pic_edited.jpg

Gary Hunter

Board Member

Sam Morton Pic_edited.jpg

Sam Morton

Board Member

Advisors & Team

James Hanlon Pic_edited.jpg

James Hanlon

AVP - Splunk


Amy Waterston

Head of Operations


Want to learn more?

In just 30 minutes, learn how SalesLynk can help you. 

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