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  • £75 per month 

  • Instant access 

  • 30 day rolling contract


  • £65 per month 

  • 10 License Minimum

  • 12 month term 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Is SalesLynk a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Platform?

In a traditional sense, No. SalesLynk does not carry out some of the behaviour associated with a CRM platform (such as managing sales stages, predicting the likelihood of closing a deal, predicting a close date etc. ). SalesLynk is designed to provide your teams with the best possible platform for opening up the sales conversation, building a strong relationship with your prospect or client and accurately discussing your organisations solutions, based on their cyber security challenges, risks, and obligations. 

Is SalesLynk a Threat Intelligence Platform?

No, although SalesLynk has in internal threat intelligence (TI) gathering function a regulatory & standards team alongside our wider cyber security team. This information is gathered to provide the most up to date intelligence which may impact your prospects and clients. We do not run a SOC, a 24/7 managed service or an incident response function.

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