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The Cyber Security
Sales Platform

​SalesLynk is the only sales SaaS solution developed to help cyber security professionals build stronger relationships with their clients and prospects. SalesLynk provides rich information, insights, data and knowledge to improve the speed of a sales cycles, drastically reduce the time taken to do manual research, and centralise your sales intelligence



Cloud Based Platform

Instant access, with minimal data privacy or security concerns.

Cyber Security Lens

Almost instantaneously presents complex business, personal and cultural information contextualised through the cyber security lens 

Single Pane of Glass

Single pane of glass for internal and external data (from Google, LinkedIn etc. to your CRM and marketing systems in one place), enriched with our propitiatory data and AI 

Insights & Trends

Insights, trends and key knowledge from complex documents such as annual reports, sustainability documents, financial models

Understand your prospect

Save time by ensuring you are talking to the right people within an organisation. Additionally, SalesLynk will provide similar roles, teams and potential buyers at the organisation

Give your teams the insights, data and intelligence to set yourself apart from the competition.

Learn about the product, its features and benefits in more detail here 

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About Us

In a competitive cyber security industry, we want you to succeed. We have a mission to improve the sales process for our clients globally, allow them to win more work, win work faster and build better relationships with their clients.

SalesLynk is an exciting cyber security sales platform founded in the UK. CEO and Co-Founder Ian Todd, has spent the last decade working in a range of cyber security roles globally. Alan Easton, our CTO and Co-Founder is the technical lead and also CEO of successful North East based software development company, Boxmodel.

SalesLynk Platform

The cyber security market has exploded over the last decade. An endless stream of smart, talented professionals have built tools, methodologies and ​software to tackle some of the most complex and high risk challenges faced by businesses globally.  

Although a positive journey, it is clear there are three major issues faced by cyber security companies going into 2023 and beyond:

1) A saturated sales environment
2) A skills shortfall 
3) Teams expected to do more with less  

Why should you care?

“SalesLynk saved our sales reps hours per week of manual effort, allowing them to focus on the things that matter - winning work and closing deals”
COO of Global Professional Services Firm

SalesLynk on average saves sales teams 10-30 hours per week per rep

SalesLynk speeds up the sales cycle by up to 30%


Find out more

In just 30 minutes, learn how SalesLynk can help you radically reduce the time needed to identify, research & prepare for sales opportunities. 

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