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Cyber Security Consultant

Working as a cyber security consultant is one of the most demanding occupations in the cyber industry. Juggling in depth client knowledge, maintaining an understanding of new and evolving standards and regulations, as well as having responsibility for "land and expand" growth, leaves many consultants low on time and professional services firms struggling to maintain employees

Don't let business development impact your utilisation number. SalesLynk can do the BD for you

Although highly rewarding, the role of a cyber security consultant can be incredibly challenging, result in long hours and difficulties managing complex clients. The client expects the consultant to understand them, their company and their strategy. The consulting firm expects this to be done as efficiently as possible, with a key eye on utilisation, "land and expand" business development and staying profitable. 

Cyber security consultants are facing an increasingly complex landscapes, with rapidly evolving regulations, standards, threats and trends, in which they must continue to provide the best advice, in many cases also working with subcontractors, partner companies and/or independents, while doing so faster, more efficiently and to tighter budgets.

Something has to give and often consultants struggle to juggle all of these responsibilities, while effectively developing business

A simple solution for a complex industry

SalesLynk removes the manual burden placed on consultants, who are stretched thin and have limited time in the week to focus on manual business development work.


SalesLynk is the secret weapon for consultants

Cyber security consultants are often remunerated based on their utilisation, business development and overall client feedback. SalesLynk gives you back that much needed time by automating many manual tasks.
Alongside polished decks, pivot tables and extensive GANTT charts, SalesLynk should be a cornerstone tool in your armoury.. 


Keep up to date with the latest Cyber Security intelligence

SalesLynk acts as a central hub for all your cyber security knowledge. With live cyber news, breach information, sector specific regulations and standards, threat intelligence and much more aimed at the prospects business, region and sector


Understand what the client truely cares about

SalesLynk provides extensive data on the client, their business, their industry and their culture. The platform will analyse behaviour patterns, social media activity, blogs and whitepapers to understand what the client has as top of mind. This removes the guess work and allows sales teams to strategically sell to clients with solutions they are confident solve a known issue 


Manage the "land and expand" approach

SalesLynk is closely linked to the MEDDIC methodology, presenting an intuitive step by step checklist to comfortably progress the sales cycle. Users can check off each section of the process to understand where they are trending positively and where further investigation is needed. 

A single platform to maximise your sales performance

SalesLynk has been designed to help organisations speed up sales cycles, remove hours of manual effort and accelerate relationship building with perspective buyers  

We do this in two fundamental ways, while contextualising the data specifically for the cyber security industry 

- Providing rich data from our proprietary datasets, threat intelligence, AI based document reader, web crawlers and hooking into APIs such as Google, LinkedIn, CreditSafe   

- Being a single pane of glass for your in house datasets - CRM, Marketing Database, Battlecards, Sales Scripts etc. 

This results in sales teams going into meetings with far more research, understanding, hooks and knowledge, while saving reps between 10-30 hours per week

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