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Pre-Sales Engineers

Pre-sales and technical engineers are pivotal in account managers performing successful demos. However there are many challenges faced by sales engineers, who often carry the burden of building that initial relationship with a prospect, balancing a technical demo while qualifying the lead, as well as understanding the clients pain points in advance to make the demo as compelling as possible

Pre-sales engineers need context, background and a deep understanding of the client. 

SalesLynk removes these manual  tasks by automating insights from annual reports, financial models, provide context through threat intelligence and breach news.

A study carried out by McKinsey showed a 10-20% improvement in the speed of moving prospects through the sales process if sales engineers are engaged early. However, there are multiple challenges sales engineering teams face if they want to be successful (which is often neglected by organisations). Pre sales engineers need a far wider skill set than just technical knowledge; build rapport, understand the client, get to the heart of their issues, keep up to date with the current trends, threats and attack vectors, as well as understanding the sales cycle, including objection handling and next steps. 

 The SalesLynk Solution:
Let us supercharge your sales engineers and maximise their impact

SalesLynk drastically reduces the manual effort needed to truly understand your client, their business and their challenges. SalesLynk allows users to understand the individual customer in depth - alongside their technical expertise, the best pre sales professionals excel by identifying, understanding and addressing specific customers’ needs, problems and opportunities. This is critical if presales is going to be effective in tailoring and customizing a complex solution to customer specifics as well as building credibility fast with stakeholders within a target account.


Annual report information instantly

One of the most powerful features of SalesLynk is our ability to take large amounts of complex unstructured data such as annual reports, financial documents and marketing material, overlay our cyber security algorithm and present the information that matters instantly to our users. Cyber challenges, initiatives, strategy, team structure, regulatory concerns and much more can be provided to our users, intuitively


Keep up to date with the latest Cyber Security intelligence

SalesLynk acts as a central hub for all your cyber security knowledge. With live cyber news, breach information, sector specific regulations and standards, threat intelligence and much more aimed at the prospects business, region and sector


Understand what the client truely cares about

SalesLynk provides extensive data on the client, their business, their industry and their culture. The platform will analyse behaviour patterns, social media activity, blogs and whitepapers to understand what the client has as top of mind. This removes the guess work and allows sales teams to strategically sell to clients with solutions they are confident solve a known issue 


Know your buyer

Buyer executives, when surveyed, say repeatedly that effective meetings with vendors are those where the vendor shows that they understand the customer’s business. Understanding the customer should be presales’ strong suit. The best presales professionals are great at building trusted advisory relationships with key people at target accounts. 

A single platform to maximise your sales performance

SalesLynk has been designed to help organisations speed up sales cycles, remove hours of manual effort and accelerate relationship building with perspective buyers  


We do this in two fundamental ways, while contextualising the data specifically for the cyber security industry 

- Providing rich data from our proprietary datasets, threat intelligence, AI based document reader, web crawlers and hooking into APIs such as Google, LinkedIn, CreditSafe   

- Being a single pane of glass for your in house datasets - CRM, Marketing Database, Battlecards, Sales Scripts etc. 

This results in sales teams going into meetings with far more research, understanding, hooks and knowledge, while saving reps between 10-30 hours per week

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