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Starting Conversations Is Hard...
SalesLynk Makes It Easier

More information at your fingertips than ever before. 

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Analysing data, without the effort

Want to fully understand your prospect?

SalesLynk is the only source of information you need to start an informed conversation. We analyse thousands of data sources for millions of companies  around the globe, for you to consume quickly in our intelligent sales dashboard.

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You'll never be more prepared.

Got a meeting today? Check SalesLynk during the call for live information on the person, their company & their cyber challenges within seconds. 

Don't worry about pre-call research, prepare in seconds with SalesLynk.

Save hours on prospect research.

Trying to find a reason to call?

Prospecting is more than just a name and a number. SalesLynk provides the deep dive you need, without the hours in effort. 

See your prospects in detail, and always make it personal. 

Increase quality opportunities.

Struggling to close?

Sales is more than a numbers game. Utilise SalesLynk for unique intelligence to propel your deals down the funnel. 

Staying relevant helps to close deals, dive in to SalesLynk for talking points. 

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Hear It from Our Customers

"The benefit of this platform to sales professionals is exciting"

Michael Engstler, Co-founder & CTO

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Elevate Your Pitch

In just 30 minutes, learn how SalesLynk can help you. 

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